A Brief History of African Fine Art Paintings

The history of African painting is a rich and interesting story. Some of the oldest rock paintings in Africa have been found in Namibia. It is believed to be more than 27,000 years old, although an exact date is almost impossible to establish.

In historical times, African wall art was largely limited to rock carvings and paintings. Through these paintings, the caveman represented the way of life of the times, which he must have found healing. 

However, the carvings on the stone soon took on a deeper and stronger meaning. You can also purchase African wall art via https://motiv-art.com/collections/abstract-canvas-wall-art.

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African men began to establish a connection between their rock art and their ancestors. The Egyptian pyramids and tombs are clear evidence of their desire to be associated with the dead. Even in prehistoric times, the inhabitants of this continent found ways to reach the dead. Often they specify some symbol or sign that is intended to convey a message to ancestors.

Over the next few centuries, tribal migration became part of African history. It was during this stage that famous tribes such as the Bushmen invented African decorative paintings. Men and women will also use their bodies as canvases in similar exclusive colors or designs for all members of a particular tribe or community.

It wasn't long before image-based painting gave way to abstract art. It is impossible to accurately estimate time in this context, but it is safe to assume that factors such as creativity, imagination, and a lack of alternative themes must have contributed to the birth of the concept of abstract art.

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