A Glimpse At Charcuterie Board

Insert each jaw-dropping mouth-watering, heart-eye-emoji. Charcuterie is among the most popular food trends available today. Look at a board of charcuterie and you may decide your next job goal or a passion for art is to become a self-proclaimed expert in charcuterie.

Charcuterie board is beauty and flavor shared on a platter created with the intention of gathering people around simple, elegant food. Technically speaking the term "charcuterie" can be described as the art of making various cured meats, and then presenting them in a variety of ways.

The term "charcuterie" is a French expression for a style of cooking that is devoted to the preparation of meat products, mostly made from pork. Today Charcuterie is now synonymous with wooden tables stacked high with delicious meats and tasty condiments like cheese, fruit crackers, toast gourmet bread, and sauces and dips.

Charcuterie is an art of cooking that originated from necessity. It's the method by which meats were preserved prior the refrigeration to prolong their shelf life. The method of smoking and salting meats in order to preserve them goes long, long ago. Certain sausage recipes date to the antiquated Greeks as well as Romans.

Even today, meats are made this way since the truth is, that the flavors that come from the process of preservation are incredible. If you see Charcuterie as the adult version of Lunchables or consider it to be the most stunning platter it is, the charcuterie has been more and more popular and is the ideal venue for food bloggers who are creative or would-be Joanna Gaines party hosts.


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