A Guide On Routine Maintenance For ZZ Plant

The ZZ known as Zanzibar Gem is a semi-succulent species native to semi-arid regions in Eastern Africa. It has adapted to prolonged dry conditions, which are interspersed with torrents of rain.

So, the ZZ has developed a highly efficient root system with a rhizomatous structure that can hold the most water it can take in along with soft, moist leaves. You can easily buy a large ZZ plant via www.plantvine.com/product/zz-plant.

large zz plant

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Routine Maintenance

Be sure to evaluate the needs of your plant's water after receiving it. Before you give your ZZ drinking water it is recommended to examine the level of moisture deep within the soil to ensure that it's not damp under the surface. Consider aerating the soil before the first watering. Aerating your soil can help it breathe and let moisture be released.

The most effective method we've discovered to get accurate moisture reading across the soil is by using soil probes, which lets you check the level of moisture in your soil at the root and can be used to aerate the soil in case it is the soil is overwatered. The Monitor brass soil probe is a beautiful alternative.

ZZ's tend to dry completely between the watering. They have a very efficient mechanism for retaining water. Therefore, you should not keep watering this plant until the soil is completely dry in the pot. In conditions of low light or winter, this could be as little as every month.

Make sure to rotate your plant regularly to ensure that it grows evenly across all sides. Also, dust the leaves frequently so that the plant can photosynthesize effectively. 

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