A New Era in 3D Advertising

The latest technology of advertising in this world allows the observer to see realistic images using a 3D holographic image that is carried deep and projected several meters in front of an LCD or plasma screen.

3D views are unmatched in their ability to convey a strong advertising message. Global brands and retailers are seeing significant sales growth driven by holographic-looking 3D images created using state-of-the-art digital signage. You can also get the manufacturing and installation services for general signage in Australia.

Image Source: Google

Brand messages are flexible and can be seamlessly transformed through a sophisticated online network to precise target changing user demographics and maximize penetration and product recognition.

There are many companies out there offering end-to-end solutions tailor-made for creating, distributing, and placing 3D experiences in the advertising and entertainment industry.

However, flat screen LCDs and 3D plasma screens can be placed in almost any setting for maximum and comfortable lighting. Corporate retailers will see a higher ROI.

3D display advertising will initially focus on in-store advertising, outdoor advertising, events, and promotions, as well as entertainment, hospitality, and permanent installations.

The 3D display technology without the use of a special display device allows the sales outlet's marketing activities to be effectively extended to a large area throughout the country.


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