Asbestos Mining, Processing And Other Underground Mining

Asbestos exposure by miners can be caused either by natural asbestos in the ore or source rock or by asbestos in manufactured products. It is very important to remove asbestos from buildings because it can cause cancer. To know about asbestos removal price visit

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Non-metal mining: The National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (NIOSH), other research organizations such as the EPA, and scientists determine the incidence of cancer and asbestosis in miners involved in the extraction and grinding of goods containing asbestos.

Mining activities such as cutting, blasting, milling, crushing, or simply disturbing the surrounding ore or soil can result in air displacement of the asbestos fibres.

Asbestos mines are still operating in many third world countries. These countries and their neighbours are still working with asbestos processing plants. This is a big risk for industrial asbestos! As a result, asbestos ore is still transported between the mines and factories by rail or road.

Without legal precedent in asbestos lawsuits, mesothelioma claims, and asbestos settlements, the citizens of these countries are powerless. A hospital in the city of Kimberley, South Africa, reports 39 new cases of malignant mesothelioma lung cancer every month.

The Asbestos Mesothelioma Act, which prohibits the extraction of asbestos and limits the processing of asbestos, was only passed by the South African parliament in 2008.

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