Basic Knowledge On Choosing Your Translators and Interpreters In Shanghai

There are two types of translation activities that have been carried out since ancient times. The most famous is a direct translation, which is the process of translating a written document from one language to another.

Another is called interpretation, in which what is said is translated on the spot – a more sophisticated type of interpretation would be a simultaneous translation if the translation occurred at almost the same time as the speaker. If you are looking for a Chinese interpreter in Shanghai then you can contact Chinese translation services.

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Some can translate well, while others can interpret better (but not with simultaneous translation). Make sure you ask yourself what it takes and hires the right people.

All translation activities require knowledge not only about the two languages to be translated but also about the cultural origins of the two languages. While it is possible to be very bilingual, being bicultural is a little more difficult, even for those who grew up in a place like Singapore or who have lived among people of a different culture.

This is why translators are best suited when translating from a weaker language into their native language. Be sure to check "native" translators before hiring them.

Then of course you have to consider the type of work that needs to be translated. The novel translation is different from technical writing translation. Novels are meant to be read and used and use more idioms, comparisons, and other idioms than technical writing.

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