Benefits Of Scenario-Based Learning

Scenario-based learning teaches skills in a training environment that uses real-life experiences and situations. It can be used in training to demonstrate a wide range of learning topics from safety practices when operating machinery to sensitive soft skills for workplace communications.

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Here are three reasons to consider real-world experiences using scenario-based learning:

1. Creates an authentic experience 

The use of graphics and interactivity creates a real-life experience that tells a story with emotions, people, and decision-making applications. 

The learner is immediately immersed in a realistic situation and the contextual application of it delivers a meaningful training experience. An effective scenario is directly relevant to an individual's job and aligns with business goals and strategies.

2. Get to learn in a safe training environment

Scenario-based learning offers learners the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a simulated, yet safe training environment. 

It can be used to test the learner’s basic comprehension of the training material or to validate their decision-making process in the context of a real-life setting.

3. Apply what they have learned with confidence

Scenario-based learning walks a learner through the ins and outs of a process, product, or situation. The scenarios are designed to be challenging for learners, giving them the ability to practice what they learned, make decisions, get feedback, and learn from their responses. 

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