Best Time to Re-Evaluate Your Career

Life establishes a rhythm and a pattern. It is often referred to as the status quo. As the world continues to evolve, you may either feel as if your life is adapting along with it, or your career is never changing, growing, or moving forward. Days go by and nothing changes.

Your thoughts of the future are focused on getting ahead and perhaps how you'll create better traction for advancing the knowledge, skills, and talents you possess.

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Perhaps you feel under-appreciated, you've been overlooked for positions, and/or you believe you are under-paid for your role. Whatever the case may be, your daily routine may have been consumed with timely thoughts about achieving a better future.

Then when a significant life event occurs, such as a worldwide crisis, it creates an opportunity to re-evaluate the thoughts and plans you've had for your career. When that occurs you have a choice, you can use it as a time to reflect and redirect your focus, or you can give in to fear and become paralyzed with inaction.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, take this time to re-prioritize your goals and re-review your career plan. The reason it may feel like an inappropriate approach to take, while you await the resolution of a situation that seems so out of control, is that being productive can actually help to calm your mind and put you in a logical frame-of-reference.

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