Brief About Decorative Laminates in India

Laminates are usually permanently assembled using heat, pressure, or adhesives. High pressure decorative laminate is an important design choice and has a number of specific uses. 

Laminates are valued for their reliable equivalence – in color, tone and luster for designers. There are several pioneer laminates manufacturers in India.

laminate furniture

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The sophisticated interior infrastructure industry cannot survive without laminates. Decorative laminate (a mixture of paper and plastic resin) is a hard, brittle board about 1 mm thick and is often used as a coating on wood, for example on laminate table tops, wood panels or other wooden furniture. 

The sheets have a decorative finish (made with the help of decorative printed paper) and come in a variety of colors, design patterns and textures.

Laminate classification based on the production process


In the process of making decorative laminates, brown paper, decorative paper, and translucent paper are immersed in a plastic resin. The base forming brown paper was impregnated with phenol formaldehyde, while the other two papers were impregnated with melamine resin. 

Soaked paper becomes hard and brittle after drying. These papers are then pressed and glued under high pressure and temperature. Depending on the amount of pressure used when bonding, laminates can be classified as HPL (high pressure laminates) or LPL (low pressure laminates).

High-pressure laminates (HPL), such as those made under the Sunmica or Formica brands, are hard decorative panels that carpenters usually attach to plywood while furniture is being made.

In the case of low-pressure lamination (LPL), only decoration paper soaked in melamine resin and laminate paper is glued directly to chipboard or fiberboard (MDF and HDF).

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