Checklist For The Newborn Baby’s Clothes

As the time for your due date nears you'll need to ensure that you have the baby clothes that you will need for your newborn baby. 

With a bit of planning and imagination, you'll find the appropriate baby clothes and baby accessories for your new addition to the family before going to the hospital. You can also buy newborn baby’s clothes at

Take a look at our list here and add some ideas about your ideas to ensure that you have what you require and also to look into other accessories and clothing that you could consider including in addition.

Before you buy every outfit you can imagine for your baby it is important to know what the baby's sizes are to be able to cover the items you'll require in addition to the items you typically purchase in the future. An outfit marked NB, or just "Newborn" typically fits babies between seven seventeen inches and seven pounds. 

Although there may be some stretch, there will not be many flexibilities, particularly when you consider how fast your baby is likely to increase in their initial few months. It's a good idea to have some newborn size clothing as you will never know what size your baby is until they reach the size of the little junior or princess, but you'll be looking to have sizes ranging from 0 to 3 months clothing in the start. 

Clothing that is labeled "Up to 3 Months" or referred to as"0-3 months" is generally suitable for babies weighing 7-12 pounds or 17-23 inches.

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