Design Tips For Designing A Letterhead For Your Business

In a mostly digital world, premium business stationery is like a breath of fresh air. Weighty, vivid, and a tactile treat, here’s everything you need to start crafting a business letterhead to take pride in.

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You may use emails and phone calls to do 90% of your business communication, but sometimes, a letter on headed paper is the only appropriate medium. 

1. Decide on the content

What information should your letterhead include? You need enough information to make your identity clear, but not so much that you risk making the page look cluttered. 

In some regions, there are legal requirements for what should go on letterheads. 

Consider using a generic company email address like ‘’ or ‘’ so the address will work no matter who uses the stationery in the future.

2. Go back to your brand

Your company brand guidelines can help you set some design parameters for your letterhead to make sure it’s in line with the rest of your business. It will help you save some time in picking out colors and fonts too. 

As well as looking at the practical guidelines like color, font, and sizing, review your brand values and company tone of voice. This will help make sure you’re expressing the complete brand personality rather than just a consistent visual impression. 

If you don’t have brand guidelines in place, your previous brand building can still help. Revisit your branding process, looking at your notebooks, early designs, email trails within the company, and more, to help you refresh your ideas about who you are and how you want to be seen.  

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