Different Types Of Activities For Dementia Patients

There are many different types of activities that can be enjoyed by dementia patients. Some activities that are typically enjoyed by those with dementia include reading, puzzles, art, dancing and traveling. It is important for caregivers to find activities that appeal to their loved one and that provide them with some sense of normalcy.

Some caregivers may find it helpful to create a list of activities that their loved one is interested in and then find resources or products related to those activities. One example is creating a game and puzzle for dementia patients related to a favorite book or movie. Another option is finding crafts or home improvement projects that can be completed together.

dementia patients

It is also important to allow the dementia patient some freedom to explore and experiment, so they are not restricted by what they are allowed to do. This allows them to feel like they are still contributing and having an impact on their life. Caregivers may need support to help them navigate the needs of their loved one with dementia. 

Caregivers are often the first to notice the changes in their loved ones and they may try to hide or minimize those changes. The caregiver will want to acknowledge that there is a problem, but want to avoid stress for both themselves and their loved one. Many caregiving situations are best served by communication between family members, friends, caregivers and doctors.

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