Does cancer affect the feet?

Cancer may affect any part of the body and also the foot is no different. It can be, however, rare in the feet but when it does happen getting the diagnosis accurate is crucial. Cancer is a disease of the cells in various body tissues. A cancer develops when unnatural cells develop in an unrestrained manner and then they may harm or attack the adjacent tissues, or propagate to other regions of your body, causing further damage.

There's two kinds of cancer that may affect the feet. The first is that a tumour could develop within the tissues in the feet. It could be in almost any tissue within the foot from the skin to the tendons to the joints to the bone tissue. This might be a melanoma in the skin or perhaps an osteoma in the bone tissue. They are frequently obvious to the eye, if on the skin or imaging if in deeper tissues. The signs and symptoms can differ from the physical appearance on the skin to pain deep inside the foot. The discomfort is typically not like the more frequent reasons behind foot pain, thus might be easy to diagnose. These types of different types of cancers which affect the foot are benign and comparatively simple to handle. Once in a while they may not be benign and their treatment assumes some urgency should it be malignant.

The other type of cancer which affects the foot is the ones that are a metastasis from a cancer somewhere else in the body for example the lungs or bowels. They send out a seed which imbeds in some other tissues remote from the initial cancer, in this instance, the foot. More often than not the presence of the main cancer is known, however, this manifestation of their spread out is serious. Once in a while the actual foot pain from the metastasis from the faraway cancer is the very first sign of the cancer, and this can be not a good warning, and so it really should be quickly further looked into.

This is a clear indication precisely why it's so important to get yourself a diagnosis recognized and correct for virtually any reason for foot pain. The probability is that the concern is uncomplicated, and the diagnosis isn't hard. On that pretty uncommon occasion which it is a cancer is probably the cause, the significance of having the diagnosis right in early stages may be the distinction between the problem becoming critical or otherwise. Podiatrists have got a lot of education in foot problems and these rare circumstances will always be on their radar when they happen to be dealing the patient with foot pain. The consequence to the patient with regards to a much better final result are determined by the podiatric physician suspicious of that uncommon reason behind the pain and getting it further looked into if they are suspicious.

The treatment of a cancer that affects the feet will be based if it is malignant or benign as well as what structure is affected and just how deep it has advanced. The treatment of cancers which affect the feet are not any dissimilar to cancer in other regions in the body and will call for a team of experts.

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