Does Your Car Need Transmission Repair

Your car is something you need to get you to and from work, school, and to run daily errands. For this reason, you want to make sure it is always mechanically sound. You may take it in often for an oil change and new tires, but when your transmission begins to fail, you want to know what is happening so you can get your auto fixed quickly. Learn the signs of failure, so you can get transmission repair performed as soon as possible.

Issues Shifting Gears

If you drive a manual vehicle, you will notice troubles shifting gears as you drive. You could have a problem as simple as low fluids or a sign of a larger issue on your hands. If you find yourself unable to shift into the gear you want, particularly when your vehicle is stopped, your transmission may not be in top working order.

You may also notice an odd egg-like odor coming from within your vehicle as it begins to fail. These are very noticeable signs that you need to call now a mechanic to get your car fixed. 

Noises in Neutral

You may think that putting your ride in neutral doesn't cause any harm, but if you need transmission repair, this might give you some signs. If you hear a bumping, grinding, or whining sound while you are in neutral, then you need to have your car looked at to make sure your fluids aren't low or leaking, and that your engine is working as it should.

Smelling Fluid

Transmission repair is often needed if you can smell the fluid after running your vehicle or when it is parked. While driving, the scent is that of an egg-like odor, or it can also smell hot when the car is stopped. This is a sign that you may have been leaking or that the fluids need to be checked, or even that it is overheating. Before a repair is needed, get your car to a mechanic to check out your vehicle and make sure everything is sound.

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