DUI Defense Attorney – Why Do You Need The Best?

DUI charges can be very serious and penalties can vary depending on the circumstances. Some people walk away with fines of $1,500 or more, while others end up taking DUI courses for several months or being subject to licensing restrictions for several months. The maximum penalty is 6 months in prison. If you have been charged with this crime, you should immediately find the best DUI Criminal Defense Attorney.

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The best DUI attorneys can help formulate the best defense strategy that includes one or more of the following:

1. Inappropriate use of Miranda's alerts can benefit you by helping your attorney refute any incriminating statements you may have made.

2. The officer stopping you must have a good reason to do so. Otherwise, the judge may ignore the results of the blood alcohol test.

3. The attorney will ask if the chemical test equipment used in your case has been properly calibrated and maintained. If deviations are found, the results of the blood alcohol test can be rejected in court.

4. The time of the test is an important factor because the time it takes for the system to absorb the alcohol varies from person to person. Lawyers will focus on this point to cast doubt on the test results.

It is best to choose a DUI defense attorney very carefully, or you may have to face unnecessarily harsh penalties for the crime.

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