Exploring The Science of Orthodontics In Elk Grove

You may have experienced going to a dentist to have your teeth checked only to be recommended to an orthodontist. Among the popular but least commonly understood field or specialties in dentistry is orthodontics. This field in dentistry is more complicated to explain not like pediatric dentistry and periodontology.

To understand orthodontics, you need to have a little bit of know-how about the wider objective of dentistry. Orthodontics can ultimately be described as the branch of dentistry that is concerned with providing perfectly aligned teeth using orthodontic appliances.

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This branch of dentistry provides solutions to malocclusions, which are known as the condition where the teeth are misaligned. Orthodontics treatment is also performed on people suffering from teeth spacing problems.

This branch of dentistry has been practiced since early times but wasn't really considered a science since the late 1800s. Many contributions to orthodontics were made even before it was considered a branch of dentistry.

Before, orthodontic methods were only performed when the misalignment of the teeth and their supportive structures are already causing chewing problems or lack of dental function to an individual. However, the use of orthodontic procedures also changed when more and more people are already seeking treatments for cosmetic reasons.

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