Folding Arm Awnings Explained

Folding Arm Awnings title image

Folding arm awnings are shade coverings that are generally suited to outdoor areas such as patios, back yard dining areas, cafes, restaurants and other places that are outside where people need shade from the sun and rain. 

They are characterized by an extending frame that supports the awnings in their outermost position. This is called the arm. When in the closed position the arm folds back in on itself. Awnings are depicted in images dating back to the early 19th Century in roman and greek times. 

The modern-day awning is extended either manually using a crankshaft or through a motor that can be operated with a remote or a button. The motorised option is more costly than the manual version and requires less maintenance over time. Motorised blinds are very popular with modern homeowners because of the ease of use and minimal aesthetic. They are also helpful for people with disabilities it elderly people who don't have the strength to be opening and closing blinds on their own. 

The cost associated with maintaining awnings is one of the cost factors that should be considered when purchasing them. The average cost though of the investment starts from $250.00 and is determined by the size, motorised or manual, cassette selected, custom design or off-the-shelf. Be sure to investigate each of the options thoroughly before determining which is right for you, as each of the choices will have its cost implication. 

All of these considerations are important when determining if the folding arm awning is the right investment for you. This includes the return on investment that will be seen when the value of your home increase. One thing is for certain, and that is that a folding arm awning will be the finishing adornment to any home, particularly an outdoor entertainment area. This will be enjoyed during summer and winter alike.

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