How Arcade Games Evolved With Time And Technology?

Since the early days of arcades, competitive gaming has been a part of our lives. Friends would gather together to watch their friends play pinball, Galaga and Donkey Kong, as well as PacMan. They also played skee ball against other amateur gamers. Nowadays people are also interested in buying vintage arcade games from sites like

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What made the video arcade a sanctuary for shady youth? These are just a few reasons arcades have stood the test of time:

Arcades were created at the intersection between technology and culture. People were looking for alternatives to pinball machines by the 1970s. These spring-launchers were around since the 1700s in one form or another.

Enter "Space Invaders" to see the rise of vector display technology. This enabled video-game images to be displayed in grids with softly glowing lines. Personal computing was also a major development in the 1970s, which saw arcade games become the new medium for digital entertainment. 

This is a significant leap from the dull board games of the past. The popularity of titles like "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong", was fueled by their own success, which each generated billions of dollars.

This period of gaming was so notable that experts refer to it as the "golden age of arcades". It was between 1978 and 1983. In 1981 arcade machines were so popular that they generated $7 billion per year, and this was purely from quarters. 

There were approximately 1.5 million arcade machines across North America by 1982, with 400,000 street arcades still open. Even though arcade popularity began to decline after 1983, its romance lasted for more than a decade.

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