How To Build The Schwinn IC4

The Schwinn IC4 is one of the most popular alternative indoor cycling bikes to the Peloton bike. The reason many people choose to buy the Schwinn IC4 is because it costs less than half the price of the Peloton bike, and it does the same thing. All you need to do is add a tablet to the Schwinn IC4 and you'll be able to do the same Peloton workouts as on the real bike. One problem many people have with this alternative Peloton bike is building it. If you bought this indoor cycling bike and you need help building the Schwinn IC4 you can watch the assembly instructions video posted by TailHappyTV.

It will take you about an hour to build the Schwinn IC4 if you follow the assembly instructions and you don't mess around and take breaks. After you learn how to build the Schwinn IC4 and complete the process you'll be able to hop straight on the indoor cycling bike without any need to download an app or anything extra. All of your metrics will be displayed on the screen of the Schwinn indoor cycling bike. If the Schwinn IC4 assembly process or learning how to build this indoor cycling bike has held you back from buying it, don't let this hold you back any longer. You can simply watch the step by step unboxing and Schwinn IC4 assembly video from TailHappyTV to learn how to build this bike today.

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