How To Care Opal Jewelry

Opal is a form of hydrated silica. They are delicate, beautiful, and very unique gemstones. To make opal jewelry, opals are first chopped and polished.   

Opal jewelry is not durable like other stones, so it is important that you look at it correctly. While cleaning the jewelry one should be cautious not to use substances that will chip or scratch the stone. If you are looking for opal jewelry then you may visit ATELIER ALL DAY website. 


Here are the key things to consider when storing and wearing opal jewelry. 

To start with, opal isn't quite as powerful as any additional stones but is as durable as you're seeing. When properly cleaned, the opal is quite safe and does not break or chip until it gives a bad knock. You have become cautious not to allow the stone to move against hard things or to move about it.

This glass, like the substance, is not completely fragile but may require additional care instructions compared to other gems such as emeralds. The flame and colors of opal jewelry come from different categories of silica balls. Although made of similar silica material like glass, opal is uniquely cool and this distinction is what makes this precious stone so amazing.

This is an easy visual depiction of how the opal is produced within the gem. There is some water containing small beads of protein. Apparently, opal has silica balls or beads placed much more closely than "marble in bowls" and has less water. Opals can contain about 10 percent water.

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