How To Choose The Right Sandpaper For Each Job In NZ

There are many types of sandpaper in NZ to choose from and most of them are designed for different jobs.The sandpaper ranges from 40 to 600. An assessment of the grains of sand on the paper then shows the roughness of the paper, starting with the smallest number. 

Here are some different types of grinder in NZ:

The coarsest grains of sandpaper – The sub-grain sandpaper ranges from 40 to 80 coarse grains; It is the coarsest grain that must be maintained for intensive milling and very tight material moving.

How To Choose The Right Sandpaper For Each Job In NZ

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While this sandpaper is ideal for heavy-duty sanding projects, it also leaves a very rough and imperfect finish. Therefore, although they can easily eat up a lot of coats or varnishes, they are also quite aggressive towards the undercoat material.

Average roughness – Sandpaper from about 100 to 220 grains form the middle (middle range) of the grain spectrum. This grain is usually used to remove a small amount of varnish (or paint) from wood and is ideal for preparing wood blanks for finishing.

Hence, use a sand scale to your advantage and be smart with your sandpaper. While using a sandpaper can save a lot of craftsman time and cover the user's output more evenly,and fine grinding can be done manually or with an abrasive tool. 

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