How To Use A Face Serum And Anti-Wrinkle Cream Together?

The serum provides a higher concentration of active ingredients than a cream. On the other hand, it leaves aside skin comfort. It reinforces the activity of the cream or supplements it. The results will be more visible and faster.

Depending on the protection you choose, the serum will be used occasionally, for anti-fatigue or super repairing formulas after summer or winter sports for example, or daily for anti-aging formulas.

Wondering when to apply face serum during skincare. The best time to apply a serum is after your eye contour treatment and before applying the best anti wrinkle cream consumer reports.

It will be based on fruit acid to protect against pollution and the day cream that accompanies it will provide hydration.

It contains the same active ingredients or supplements them by providing vitamin A, C, or E or hyaluronic acid to fill deep wrinkles.

Prepare your skin before applying your anti-wrinkle cream

  • The fundamental principle for effective beauty products is to prepare your skin properly.
  • Remove all traces of makeup from your face or wash it off with a cleansing lotion and mild soap.
  • You can also use a hydrosol, also called floral water, made from condensates of essential oils.
  • This floral water is very lightly loaded with essential oil molecules, which gently bring the benefits of these oils to your skin, without risk for sensitive skin.
  • You can also cleanse and moisturize your face using a mask once or twice a week.

Now apply your beauty products to your clean, dry skin.

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