Important Details About Teeth Implants

One of the most important factors that will help to determine the overall success of a dental implant will be maintenance and achievement of stability to the implant installed. Level of stability of dental implants is basically presented through the use of ISQ or Implant Stability Quotient values.

Another type of variable contribution to the success of dental implants, as with any other variety of surgical procedures, will include the patient's general health condition and the degree to which he is in accordance with the procedures as post-surgical treatment that is recommended by dentists. You can get wisdom teeth and dental implant services from various online sources.

The use of computer simulation program that is customized based on information obtained from the CT scan enables virtual surgical installation of a dental implant according to information CT scan allows for virtual surgical placement of dental implants based on a barium impregnated prototype of the final prosthesis.

This is basically done to determine bone quality, embed characteristics, important anatomy, and the need for bone grafts. Moreover, this is also done to maximize the surface area of the bone where the implant will be placed so as to create a higher level of predictability.

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Computer systems CAD or CAM milled or stereo lithography depends drill guide can also be developed to assist surgeons to facilitate proper placement of dental implants based on occlusion and aesthetics of the final prosthesis.

Software that makes a treatment plan can also be used to demonstrate "try-ins" to the patient on a computer screen. When the different options have been discussed by the surgeon to the patient, the same computer program can be used in coming up with the appropriate drill guide.

For dental implants to be successful there must be enough bone in the jaw of the patient. In addition, the bones should also be strong enough that it's enough to hold and support the implant to be fitted. If not enough bone mass is present, much of this can be added by the surgeon through the use of a bone graft.

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