Know About Escrima in Martial Arts

It is believed that the Filipino combat art known as Escrima is often referred to as the most lethal martial art practiced in the world, and that's due to the focus on efficiency, on the things that work, not the appearance.

The increasing fascination with Escrima is due to its ability to be utilized in different scenarios and by different types of people. The most fundamental weapon of combat is the stick. Even if you're an experienced fighter or an undergraduate student looking to master self-defense, Escrima may be very helpful for you. If you want to buy escrima sticks, then you can search the web.

Escrima Sticks

Escrima also has a rich culture from the Philippines. In the early days, the combat techniques of the arnis were a secret kept by various families and clans, never sharing secrets with outsiders. It wasn't until recently that a lot of these styles became available to the general public. Actually, this is why there are so many different styles of Escrima and not one style. 

In the interest of self-defense as well as protection for loved family members, Escrima is definitely one of the most effective options. Since it focuses on what is effective and what works, you can rest assured that the methods are effective in an actual street fight or in a death-or-death scenario. 

We strongly discourage the use of Escrima to use for adversity. 

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