Know About The Facts And Myths Related To Car Ceramic Coatings in Thousand Oaks

Imagine that you are covering vehicles with a thin second skin. This second skin is invisible to the human eye due to tiny Nano coating particles. You seal the pores on the paint or glass surface with car paint protection products. Water and mud particles can't be caught by a new layer of car Nano coating and slide down.

Most videos you see are showing the 9H ceramic coating's best feature and they are accurate. This car coating makes your car's surface highly hydrophobic and protects it from any harmful rays such as UV rays, chemicals, etching, and other contaminants. If you need to get the services of auto ceramic coating in Thousand Oaks, then you can browse the web.

auto ceramic coating

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Although the 9H ceramic coating offers some protection, it also protects your car against any factors that could damage its surface. It is not intended to protect your car from severe damage. It does protect against small stones and gravel chips from the roads. The ceramic coating will not protect you from any heavy damage if you have a small-sized stone or marble chip in your car.

People think that if they invest in having their car covered with a coating, it will be worth it. They don't require any maintenance. This is false. You still need to wash your car regularly, even after you have covered it with the ultimate protection.

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