LANAP Laser Gum Therapy in Lexington, MA

In case you've been told you require a periodontal operation, with a scalpel and sutures,LANAP LAPIP laser gum therapy is a laser option that you want to find out about. Did you know that almost every person suffers from periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease begins off with plaque-forming in our mouth. This is due to the bacteria that infect the teeth. A lot of men and women have bad breath along with an unpleasant taste in their mouths too. 

A severe form of gum disease is seen developing in people having bad breath and bad hygiene. Without treatment, the disease becomes acute and the pockets deepen, finally, leading to tooth loss.


                                                                     Image Source- Google

To fix the damage brought on by gum disease is to eliminate the disease and shut the periodontal pockets. In case, you have gum disease you should get LANAP therapy in Lexington in which a local anesthetic is used to get rid of any potential distress. 

A general anesthetic isn't essential since laser periodontal therapy is less painful. A very small laser is inserted between the gum and tooth, and the disease is removed. 

The process is quick, it requires two 2-hour sessions. And half of your disease is treated in one time. Most patients feel great enough to get back to work later.


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