Learn Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs In A Simple Way

Your dog that is experiencing separation anxiety may show panic behavior before you leave, while you are gone, and even with you arrive. If your dog sees you getting dressed he may start complaining, trembling or crying, and might follow you from room to room within the home. 

He can even exhibit aggressive dog behavior. When you leave he can tear the sofa pillows apart, do number 1 and number two all over your house, and then weigh whatever they can get his hands on. Learn to treat separation anxiety in dogs in a simple and effective way via Edinburgh Dog Behaviour


There are occasions when you'll need to leave your pet at home, so here's how you're able to deal with the separation anxiety and also correct bad dog behavior.

  • Exercise your pet until you leave. Tire out him. The more you will end up away, the longer exercise he should get. This will force him overly sleepy to care that you are departing, and he can most likely sleep all day until you come back.

  • Distract him. Focus your pet's focus on something else so that he won't notice you leaving. Give him a tasty dog-bone, such as; that could definitely keep him happy and occupied when you're out. Put on some soothing music also, then turn the radio into some talk show so that he will think there is somebody home.

  • Give him a nice view. If your property has got a window enough for your dog to look out of, which would be fantastic. They can watch the world pass without discovering the time, and also feel like there's some action happening, even though it's outside.

Your pet, or any dog, for example, demands companionship, affection, and care in order to be happy. While you don't want to prolong his separation stress, bear in mind that your dog also wishes to spend time with you. Give him that time – quality time – whenever you are in your home.

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