New Perspectives For Finding The Best Talent – Few New Ideas To Consider

The idea of consumer marketing has gone beyond traditional bidding approaches faster than anyone could have imagined. Dead workboard; live talent center. Special publications will soon follow the extinction of the dodo bird and will be replaced with forward-looking advertising, not the past.

Focus on early birds, not remnants. To search for early birds you can look at early career talent strategies online. When many of the best people you can find tell you they have just or are about to take on another job, you have a leftover supply strategy.

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Of course, you don't plan it that way, but most companies don't think their opportunities are found by the best people once they enter the job market.

Allow candidates to "just watch" instead of forcing them to buy. When they first enter the job market, the best people are just looking around for opportunities and aren't ready to buy or apply for jobs just yet. Unfortunately, most companies have set up their hiring process with a "buy it now" mentality.

Implement a proactive early bird network. Stop asking your representatives or prospects who know who they're looking for and stop waiting for them to recommend someone. Instead, ask them to whom they would give a good recommendation. 

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