Presbyopia Treatment: A Brief Guide

Presbyopia is a condition that affects the ability to focus on nearby objects. To avoid the symptoms of presbyopia, you should see an eye care professional for a yearly checkup if you want to know more about that have a peek at this website

FDA Approves First Eye Drop to Treat

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Here Are Three Tips To Help You Deal With Presbyopia:

1. Try using optical devices that magnify close objects. This includes reading glasses, contact lenses with magnification power, and digital reading glasses. 

2. Get regular exercise. This helps keep your eyes healthy and flexible.

3. Avoid looking at computer screens for extended periods. Instead, use a computer screen that has a low resolution or uses an electronic book reader instead.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

• Blurred vision when reading or doing close work, such as writing or embroidery

• Difficulty seeing details at a distance

• Trouble focusing on objects close to you

Treatments for Presbyopia

One of the most common age-related problems is presbyopia, or the inability to see clearly at distances beyond 20 or so feet. Presbyopia can cause difficulty reading, driving, and working in close quarters. There are a variety of treatments available to help people with presbyopia.

One treatment option is eyeglasses. Eyeglasses help people with presbyopia see clearly at distances up to about 20 feet. However, eyeglasses don't always provide enough clarity for people who need to see at farther distances, such as when reading or working on a computer.


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