Questions To Ask When Buying CBD Oil For Your Dog

So you are considering purchasing CBD oil for your pet. That's a good start, but understanding the potential benefits and finding a brand that can deliver are two separate issues.

With current marijuana regulations being controversial and confusing, there are dozens of less violent brands selling products that don't live up to the claims they make. You can find the best CBD for dogs via

cbd for dogs

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Below are questions to ask any cannabis brand to separate its claims from what it can deliver.

Is the product a CBD isolate or a full-spectrum oil?

Most CBD oil is sold in two forms: CBD isolates and full-spectrum oil. CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like; pure CBD concentrates that contains no active ingredients or traces of other ingredients.

In contrast, full-spectrum CBD oil contains more than one plant and often contains other cannabinoids such as CBL, CBN, or CBCVA.

Some people and dogs respond better to one breed than others, but full-spectrum products are usually preferred due to a principle called "environmental effect", which means the presence of other ingredients can enhance the health effects of CBD.

Does the product contain CBD oil?

Surprisingly, some CBD dog products contain only small amounts of this important compound.

Manufacturers can avoid this by labeling their packaging with a notice such as "hemp-based" or "hemp-based". These terms have no legal meaning and do not provide much information about the effectiveness of the product.

A glance at the FDA warning letters sent to companies caught promoting fake CBD oil in their products should alert you to take a closer look at their claims.

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