Repairing Rock Chips: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your car's windshield is sturdy, however, it could be damaged. If your windshield is subjected to any kind of impact, whether large or small it may result in cracks or holes. If it's a minor scratch, it is possible to have the procedure known as a rock chip repair. A way this type of damage might occur is when you're in the path of the dump truck, and a small piece of rock flies away and strikes the windshield. 

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Sandy UT - Utah Mobile Auto Glass

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This can result in a tiny hole in your windshield. If someone notices the hole, they may think that they should get their windshield replaced. It could cost more than what you would have to pay to get it fixed. Around seventy percent of the damaged windshields can be fixed.

Requirements to repair rock chips

The primary requirement is that the hole or crack is not in a direct line of sight for the driver as repair work may leave a mark. If the mark is visible to driving, the mark may create problems. If you put off the repair until the crack expands, it will be difficult to fix because, with time, it'll accumulate dust and debris, which can make the repair not as satisfactory.

If you are unable to repair it because of some issues, immediately then cover the crack or hole by using clear tape to keep dust and other debris from entering.

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