Shop Blankets for Winter Season

Looking for winter warmth? Lay fur blankets on the bed at night. Of course, most of us think of a cotton duvet as a summer bed, but we need to remember that layering multiple blankets can add warmth – lighter than a duvet or blanket.

With so many colors to choose from, there are winter blankets made of 100% fur. One of the best ways to add color to your bedroom during the gloomy winter months is to add two or three blankets, each of a different color. For example, what could be more appealing than an almost white blanket folded back into a blue blanket. You can purchase premium quality super soft warm fluffy throw blankets online at a reasonable price.

fluffy throw blankets, hot pink throw

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Everyone has told us that the best way to stay warm is to layer your clothes. The same principle applies to our beds. Put some light blankets on it and more warmth stays on the body. If one gets too hot, just pull the top cover off. Using some lighter blankets for winter allows for better regulation of heat retention and keeps us comfortable throughout the night.

Wash in cold water to maintain shape and color. Never use bleach, especially chlorine bleach. Always dry the blanket at the lowest possible temperature. One of these blankets is perfect for a children's room. Easy to wash with no visible wear. And if there's a spill or minor accident, the blanket can be cleaned in an hour or two instead of having to go to the washing machine.

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