The Best iPhone Apps to Keep You Healthy

Tech experts have announced the iPhone as a gadget that has revolutionized the way we use our mobile phones. Although the device is originally a cellphone, its apps have extended it beyond this. 

The best iPhone apps not only make us happy the way we used to with the built-in games that came with our old cell phones, but also help us do our tasks more efficiently. Yo can find the best fitness apps via

the best fitness apps

There are even iPhone apps that can keep us healthy. Here are some of the best iPhone apps that users who are also health buffs must have.

Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness is an iPhone app that can help you keep track of your daily diet and exercise routine to keep you fit and healthy. The way it works is that you eat the same amount of food you eat in a day, as well as exercise that day.


Although Apocrates is primarily designed for physicians to use, it is a nifty iPhone app to find information about a certain drug. At a glance, Apocrates tells the doctor to use brief data about the drug they are seeing, the appropriate dose by which it should be given to patients, the side effects of the drug, any other allergic reaction that occurs A patient may have to take that medication, and other data. 

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