The Importance Of Regularly Scheduled Eye Tests

It is suggested by the UK that people who have eyesight or vision issues should take an eye exam at least every 2 years. There are numerous reasons for this, but it's vital to take regular eye exams as they can save you from lots of headaches later on.

Eye tests are primarily used as a means to make sure that your prescription for vision correction that is your glasses or contact lenses is current. You can also visit AI-Optic to buy a handheld vision screener to check your eyesight at home.

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If you don't have the correct prescription, not only could your vision be affected, but the health of your eyes may fall in general. This means that more serious issues may arise in the near future, which can be addressed early by taking an eye examination.

Eye tests are also an opportunity for optometrists to check for early indicators of eye diseases. Similar to many health conditions the earlier a condition is discovered, the quicker it can be addressed which has a better chance of success than if the issue is left to linger. 

The causes of cataracts and glaucoma are often detected ahead of when they would be if left untreated and treated in a relatively painless manner.

When you undergo an eye examination an optometrist will take various tests to assess your eye health and the condition that your eyesight. 

This includes a discussion about your lifestyle and health history as well as tests like the examination of the power of your glasses, the examination of your eye pressure which is crucial to identifying eye problems like glaucoma. 

They will also help in determining your baseline prescription, and a check for your visual acuity. 

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