The Origins of Bubble Hockey Game

Bubble hockey, also known as dome hockey as it's often referred to, gets its name due to the obvious dome that surrounds the playing field. It is usually played in one on one or two on two, and the players are accountable for five players as well as the goalie. The game is fast and intense because the puck is never removed from the playing area.  

Face-offs are a breeze as the puck is dropped from above or thrown onto the playing surface. A majority of games come with audio effects that provide a real-life gaming experience. Certain games, like the original Super Chexx, offer coin-op options that can be turned off and on for either home or business usage. 

Inside the bubble hockey tables, the activity is contained by the dome. So no more looking for misplaced pucks around the house or in the arcade. It's critical to note that the origin of the bubble hockey game and table hockey are vastly different. In the 1920s, the first table hockey games were introduced. They used wood and wire to make their players. 

Let's Play (Bubble) Hockey: The iconic bar game inspired by the Miracle on Ice

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Early table hockey games required a hump in the center of the table to keep the puck moving during gameplay because the players could only spin in place. Our modern table hockey concept was born in the 1950s. Full-color players could slide up and down the playing field in these games. Most people agree that this type of table hockey has been in Europe since the 1930s.

The game of bubble hockey as we know was first introduced in 1982, the year Innovative Concepts in Entertainment created the very first Chexx Bubble Hockey game. It was a huge success. Chexx Bubble Hockey game quickly became extremely popular among arcade enthusiasts as well as hockey enthusiasts.

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