The Origins of the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is the regulatory body that controls all types of food and drink, as well as the drugs, vitamins, medical devices, and dietary supplements that are used in the United States each year.

You can search FDA drug labels to production site status and API suppliers.

It is responsible for protecting the American people from all kinds of adultery, poison, and other unclean particles found in our food or medicine. This is an uphill task that is becoming increasingly difficult as more drugs and food flood the market.

 But how did this organization come about? What was the US food and drug market like before the FDA?

In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, describing the dire conditions at a meat-packing factory in America. Not only were the facilities themselves extremely unsanitary, but their workers were treated like slaves, working long hours in dirty conditions without safety rules and meager wages.

A lot has changed in the more than a century when there were no rules to speak of. The FDA is now closely monitoring all of our foods and medicines to keep people safe. Meat packing conditions are now safe and hygienic, and you can be sure that our meat and other foods contain a minimum of adultery. 

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