Things To Consider When Buying A Hair Topper In Toronto

To cover your hair, a hair topper is a unit you place on your head. You need to be aware of the following factors in order to look your best when wearing the unit:

Types of hair loss: Before you go to the shops, determine what type of hair loss you have. There are three types of hair loss: progressive, advanced, and beginning. Advanced loss is the one that has advanced beyond the initial stages. This type has a diffused pattern at your top, and this type of hair extension for women requires a smaller base. 

Your scalp will show if you're in the progressive stage. You will notice a lot of hair loss. A medium-large to the large base is the best choice. In the later stages of your journey, you'll notice bald spots. 

A large base will better cover large areas. You can also opt for a full-length wig if you don't like the look of the topper.

Base: The stage of hair loss you are at, will determine which base type to choose. Bases come in different sizes and construction styles. Monofilament and classical are the most popular types. 

Monofilament bases are formed by attaching each hair onto a soft mesh material. Each hair is tied by hand to the base. It gives the illusion of natural hair growing from the scalp.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when purchasing a hair topper. Buy a high-quality unit when making your purchase.

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