Types Of TMJ Physical Therapy

If you are one of the many people who have TMJ, you already know how painful it can be. You can now work with a health care professional to correct the problem and give temporomandibular joint physical therapy to relieve some, if not all of your pain.

Physical therapy is a method of relieving THC pain by working directly on the jaw muscles and retraining them to close them in the correct position instead of placing them in the wrong place. You can also get the best TMJ physical therapy via Lee Miller Rehab.

One exercise you should try is to slowly open and close your mouth, forcing your mouth to open straight. You may find yourself trying to pull to one side or the other because the weaker side doesn't want to work very well.

To make sure you keep your mouth straight, do this exercise in front of a mirror. Stay focused, open and close your mouth slowly 10 times, then take a break.

Do these three times in a row, three or four times a day, to strengthen the weaker side of your jaw muscles. Another exercise you should consider is stretching your jaw muscles.

To do this, open your mouth slowly as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable, and then close slowly. Then slowly open it again, but this time move your jaw to the left as you open your mouth.

Open it as wide as possible, and then close it slowly. Then slowly open it again, but this time on the right, and then close slowly. You can repeat this stretch as many times as you want until your jaw muscles feel better.

You should consult your doctor before trying TMJ physical therapy that is no longer prescribed.

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