Wall Coverings – Latest Solution in Retail Interior Design

Your retail outlet should entice consumers to step into the shop, engage with your products and your brand, and eventually buy. Interior design plays a huge role. Among the interior design solutions that make a difference to your store design are wall coverings. 

The concept of wall coverings has undergone a massive transformation, and people no longer stick to a good coat of paint or some neutral colored wallpaper. You can also hire retail designers in Sydney via https://www.mccartneydesign.com.au/commercial-retail-design to make beautiful interior designs.

1) With innovative technologies, digital graphic prints on the walls are all the rage. You can get customized prints to suit your brand philosophy and cover walls, display windows, or a lightbox in your store with these prints. 

Essentially, you can use your wall to tell a story about your brand and your product with the help of design experts and digital wall coverings.

2) Yet another wall covering option is a decal. A decal is easy to install and remove when you choose to. You could use decals of your brand, products, or your slogans. Murals on the wall are also a great option when it comes to wall decor for your store.

3) Textures play a very important role whether you are using fabric, synthetic material, wallpaper, or paint. How about turning one of the walls into a giant blackboard and using chalk for your messaging and signage?

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