What Is Ear Pinning Surgery?

People with protruding ears and large ears are the most common recipients of ear pinning surgery. Children can be bullied for their prominent ears for a lifetime. Peers who aren't "normal" can be treated cruelly by young people.

Plastic surgeons can perform otoplasty on young patients as the ear cartilage usually forms around age five. This allows them to avoid any potential growth issues later. Many parents opt to have their children pinned at an early age in order to avoid embarrassment from protruding ears.

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Adults can also have their ears pinched because otoplasty may be an elective procedure. This is for self-esteem, and sometimes, for career advancement.

What is ear pinning surgery?

The procedure of otoplasty is simple and highly effective. Only a few small incisions are required on the backs and sides of the ears.

These incisions should be made at the junction of the ears and the head. This is a convenient location that can be easily reached and is minimally invasive. It also hides scarring. The scars will not be visible unless the patient has healed completely.

The plastic surgeon will only need to make the incisions and then pull the ears back towards the head. Then, sutures will be applied and the healing process can begin.

Ear pinning can be a simple procedure with very few risks. This is why many parents feel comfortable sending their children to have surgery on protruding ears.

Are you considering ear pinning surgery?

Do your research if you're considering ear pin surgery for your child or yourself. You should ensure that you only hire a board-certified, qualified, and experienced plastic surgeon. 

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