What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a digital marketing strategy that enables you to run paid advertisements on social media platforms. This strategy involves paying to promote content on social media sites to reach interested leads and get them to check out your business.

One of the biggest benefits of a paid advertising campaign on social media is that it lets you reach a much larger audience than the people who currently follow you. Social media advertising networks know a lot about their users:

  • They know general demographics such as age, gender, language, and location.
  • They know about their user’s preferences and behaviors.
  • They even know emails, phone numbers, and friend circles.

With that information, social media ad platforms let you target just about anyone you could want within reason. With social media ads, not only are you finding new audiences, you’re finding qualified audiences, the ones that will most likely be interested in your products and services.

Social media is where people go to engage with others, including brands. If you want to build lasting relationships, which need quality engagement to grow, you need to be interacting with audiences on social media. That means the ads you sponsor need to be what your audience is interested in. By targeting people interested in your business, you’ll start building brand affinity in your audience. 

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