What Is The Purpose Of Organic Granola Making?

Granola made from 100% organic ingredients is a great idea. Although organic farming is not new, it's still an evolving subject. Fourmi Bionic has always placed organic food at the forefront of its priorities. 

We also use local sourcing for bulk ingredients, granola, and snacks. We must always consider how organic ingredients can be included, as they are more expensive and may require compromises. You can also order your own organic granola online.

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Do we choose organic or local granola? 

How about organic vs. Fair Trade? Is organic certification a guarantee that a product is high-quality? These answers are not always obvious.

Why choose organic certified granola?

Organic certification ensures that the recipe uses at least 70% organic ingredients. What does this really mean? A component that is "organic" was produced within the context of sustainable farming and respecting biodiversity.

Organic production excludes the use of synthetic chemicals or GMOs. This type of agriculture uses crop rotation to improve soil health and recycles plant waste.

Organic agriculture is more respectful of the product, the environment, and the health of the consumer. 

A recent study by the INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), on almost 69,000 people, was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It found that organic food is 25% less likely to cause cancer.

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