Wireless SMB Networking Protocols

Several wireless SMB network protocols are available. The wireless protocol that you want or need to use effects and is affected by your wireless network hardware. We assume that the TCP / IP  SMB system protocol is used here together with the WLAN protocol.

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802.11a – This is an old wireless SMB networking technology that is not widely used today. It operates in the 5 GHz frequency range, up to 54 Mbit / s, with a range of about 50 feet.

802.11b – This protocol is still in use today and may provide the necessary support for some older devices. It operates in the 2.4 GHz (up to 11 Mbit / s) frequency range with a bandwidth of about 150 feet.

802.11n – As an option for the latest edition, this technology is not yet widespread. It can operate in the 5 GHz and/or 2.4 GHz frequency ranges up to or above 50 Mbit / s and a range of around 600 feet. 

Wireless SMB network devices can provide a variety of functions. Some devices support multiple protocols and radio frequencies. There are also encryption, authentication, port forwarding, port activation, QoS functionality, and other configuration settings which can be very important. Be sure to read the documentation for any device you plan to connect to the wireless network or contact a professional.

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