All About Glossy Photo Paper

A glossy paper is a kind of paper that has been coated with a compound to give it characteristics like improved weight, surface gloss and smoothness. For high quality printing used in the packaging industry and magazines, Kaolinite or calcium carbonate are used to coat papers. You can also find the best quality of glossy paper through the internet.

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Now if there is a paper, there's also a semi gloss photo paper and premium grade. There are points to consider if you are buying paper. We all know most of us are instantly attracted to images printed on photo paper as it seems really alive and vibrant in colour. After all, glossy papers were designed to make prints look sharp and vibrant.

Glossy photo prints look shiny and are more appealing to the eye compared to the traditional photo paper. The traditional images, however, look dull as compared to the glossy ones. From the viewer's eyes, prints on a glossy photo paper look rich and deep in colours.

You should also take note of your purpose in printing. If you'll be placing the print in a frame then do not use the glossy one as reflection from the glossy paper will add up to the reflection from the glass of the frame. But if you are just about to distribute handouts for viewing then you may likely use the paper to raise the viewer's interest.

There are a variety of glossy photo papers you can choose from manufactured by the leading companies in digital printing. The things you should consider while buying such a paper include your purpose, the quality and the cost.

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