Can a Gas Mask Protect You Against Tear Gas

All over the globe, social unrest is increasing. Riots have become a common occurrence in some cities. These riots can be broken up by police using teargas.

Protect your eyes and lungs against tear gas by wearing a gas mask. Most tear gas agents are solid and can be burned to make them into particulates. The gas mask filter filters out particulates from the smoke.

You could be involved in a riot if you live near a larger urban area. What can you do to defend yourself when you are near police using tear gas? 

Gas masks can be used to protect the wearer against most biological and chemical agents. The gas mask can filter out the particles of tear gas from the air when the wearer inhales. You can buy gas masks via

Most gas masks are made from chemically treated activated coal (commonly known as activated charcoal). This activated carbon has a large surface area that traps the tear gas particles in the gas mask filter. It is called adsorption.

Do gas masks protect you from pepper spray?

The gas mask protects against pepper stray just like it does from tear gas. The active ingredients in pepper stray are removed from the air before they reach the lungs by the wearer of a gas mask. The mask acts as a physical barrier between pepper spray and the wearer's skin.

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