Everything You Want to Know About Decorative Floor Coatings

Technical Capabilities of Decorative Floor Coatings

In the past, decorative floor coatings were used in showrooms, art galleries, concert halls and but now there are no longer consigned to showrooms, art galleries, and concert halls. They are now intended only to enhance the feel and look of facility floors. People are now using decorative floor coating to decorate sidewalks and crosswalks. 

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Decorative floor coatings are tough and beautiful. Below are technical features of decorative floor coatings:-

1. Resistance:- Decorative floor coatings provide strong resistance to rain, wind and other weather conditions. These are highly suitable for outdoor locations such as parks and patios. You can easily apply these coatings and can cure them quickly in low temperatures. 

2. Good Adhesion:- These coatings are really good for adhesion and provide high resistance to abrasion, water intrusion, and other damages. It has a unique sealing ability and is suitable for concrete surfaces.

3. Elasticity:- It provides anti-skid resistance and surface elasticity. It is an ideal approach for basketball courts, athletic floors and sports gymnasiums.

4. Mechanical and Chemical Resistance:- Decorative floor coatings are highly known for providing mechanical and chemical resistance. Therefore, this coating is an ideal choice for industrial floors. Because they are constantly exposed to heavy loads and toxic spills.

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