Find The Best Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment

PVD, or peripheral vascular disease, is a condition that affects blood vessels outside of the heart and brain. It is marked by channel narrowing and most commonly affects blood vessels in the legs, arms, stomach, and kidneys. As the blood vessels become narrower, the arteries might become obstructed or weakened.

vascular surgeons work closely with other specialists, including interventional cardiologists, to offer a wide range of treatment options no matter how complex your condition. You can also find peripheral vascular disease treatment from to treat your ailment.

peripheral vascular disease treatment, peripheral vascular surgery

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Vascular bypass surgery is a procedure that allows your surgeon to create a detour around the narrowed or blocked portion of an artery. This “bypass,” made from one of your own veins or from synthetic material, allows blood to flow around the blockage.

Peripheral artery disease is treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, guided workouts, medicines, angioplasty, and surgery. At Scripps, our focus goes beyond treating your arterial blockage. We also aim to reduce other existing risk factors that may continue to affect your vascular health, including high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, diabetes, tobacco use and poor dietary habits. 

Serious conditions associated with PAD include heart attack and stroke, among others, so it’s vital to see your doctor if you believe you may be developing or already have peripheral artery disease.

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