How To Modify Your Car With Stylish Tape

The wheel well molding is attached similarly to 3M tape. These moldings will cut the surface that is the part of the wheel using an extremely thin rubber piece which will shield the exposed area. You can also apply this molding to cover any existing scratches within this region. 

After it has been applied over the scratch or dent, you won't even know that the damage occurred. The truck is utilized at car dealerships all the time. It was sometimes used to decorate the car with black or chrome trim. This amazing tape you can also order online at to get  3m automotive trim adhesive tape.  




Door edge guards are designed to protect only the edge of the door of your vehicle. They also shield anything you strike when you open the door. Due to the soft rubber edge should you open the car door to enter another vehicle, the risk of causing damage to either vehicle is low. The edge guards for doors act as shock absorption and will prevent any damage that might have otherwise been caused.

For the majority of us, purchasing the latest car or truck is among the biggest investments we'll make throughout our lives. We pride ourselves on the vehicle we choose to drive. It doesn't matter if use the Hyundai or one of the Porsche (okay maybe it is but let me tell you for an additional second). We love driving in clean, shiny, and pristine automobiles. Spending a few dollars for molding protection today will surely reduce the cost by hundreds of dollars later on in the repair and repainting of your new vehicle or truck.

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