Looking For The Best Black Tea?

Because people have different tastes, the notion of "best black tea" can be a little tricky. There is some consensus that certain teas are better than others. Teas that are fresh have stronger aromas and a smoother taste. Tea that has been stale can taste bland. Low-quality teas can also be bitter or astringent.

Many connoisseurs prefer loose-leaf. Why? There are two compelling reasons why loose-leaf teas should be preferred to tea bags. First, quality: Most of the top teas are only available loose-leaf. The second is price and quality: Tea bags are more expensive than tea leaves. If you are looking for the best quality black tea, then you can search the web.

Organic black tea

Like all teas, black tea can be divided into two broad categories: single-origin and blended. Single-origin teas are those that originated in one region. This could be Darjeeling, Assam, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Keemun (originating from Anhui, China), or Assam. 

Blends are teas that are made from teas from different regions. Common blends include English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast. Many of these teas are either labeled as "black tea" or are labeled according to their grade such as "orange tea".

Some blends are of exceptional quality, but they tend to be an exception rather than the rule. Because these teas have a unique flavor, many of the top black teas can only be sold as single-origin named varieties.

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