Save Time With Same-Day Crowns

A crown or "cap" is required for a tooth that has been damaged or lost. Caps restore the tooth's original functionality and appearance. Dental caps are very durable and custom-fitted to cover the entire tooth starting at the gum line.

The process used to take at least two visits (sometimes three) to a dentist. There were also uncomfortable alignment impressions and temporary crowns.

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Digital technology has made it possible to make same-day crowns. The entire process can be completed in one visit by a combination of a camera, computer, and milling machine.

Preparing the tooth for the crown is the same as with traditional crowns. The area is first numbed. Next, the tooth is drilled to remove any decay and shape it for the crown. This ensures that the crown fits perfectly over the damaged tooth.

With a mouse click, the final cap design can be sent to the milling machine. The machine creates the cap using a small ceramic block that matches your natural teeth’ color. It takes approximately five minutes to carve the cap.

You can enhance the appearance of your cap by using a quick-drying glaze and stain. You apply the glaze and stain to your crown with tiny brushes. Once the coloring is complete, the crown can be placed in the mouth and bonded to your old tooth.

You can complete the entire process while you wait, often within an hour.

You'll save time and be able quickly to restore your beautiful smile with same-day caps.

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